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Flexitrack - Bullhead Rail - Chairs - Sleepers - Point & Crossing Timbers - Fishplates

4mm scale products - available now

PW75/4BH   Code 75 high-Ni nickel silver bullhead rail - pack of 10 x 1 metre lengths

 7mm scale / 0 Gauge products - all available now

PW125/7BH   Code 125 high-Ni nickel silver bullhead rail - pack of 10 x 1 metre lengths
7PW3CH    3-screw S1 type moulded ABS chairs (400) plus Bridge L1 (50) & Slide P (50) chairs  
7PWFT01   32mm 0 gauge Flexi-Track, ABS & high-Ni nickel silver (1 metre) 
7PWFT10   32mm 0 gauge Flexi-Track, ABS & high-Ni nickel silver (10 metres / £8.00 per metre) 
7PWFTB     Flexi-Track base mouldings, ABS (no rail) (5 metres)
7PW86S     Plain sleepers 8’ 6” x 10" wide (112), 8 each 8' 6" & 9' x 12" wide joint timbers, ABS
7PWPCT     Points/switch/crossing timbers, ABS (32 sleepers) 
7PW4FP     4-bolt fishplates, one-piece, ABS (60 rail joints)   
7PW4FPB  4-bolt fishplates, one-piece, brass (12 rail joints) 

For more details and online shop, visit our sole agents: Phoenix Precision Paints Ltd.

IMPORTANT NOTICE - Code 125 high-Ni nickel silver Bullhead Rail

For the benefit of those who may be unsure of the meaning of the code numbers, these refer to the overall height of model rail, measured in thousandths of an inch.

Following the discontinuing of their product by another company, a number of customers have expressed concern about the long-term availability of our Code 125 high-Ni nickel silver Bullhead rail. We have also been asked about the brand compatibility of our chairs, fishplates and flexitrack. The following questions and answers will hopefully put your minds at rest.

Q/ Will PermaWay Code 125 high-Ni nickel silver bullhead rail continue to be available?
A/ A resounding YES. There is no question of non-availability. Code 125 has been the industry standard for 7mm scale/0 Gauge modelling for as long as anyone can remember. As the UK's only supplier of this rail, we maintain high stock levels, and will continue to do so. Our agents Phoenix Precision Paints Ltd are proud of their record for prompt despatch and fast delivery.

Q/ Are PermaWay chairs and fishplates compatible with the 'Code 131' rail available from another supplier?
A/ YES. Code 131 rail (it is actually Code 133!) will fit our chairs. Our fishplates, both plastic and brass, can also be used with this rail.

Q/ Can PermaWay rail and flexitrack be mixed with similar items from other suppliers?
A/ YES. However, if there is any difference in the overall height (underside of sleeper to top of rail) between brands, it may be necessary to use some packing such as paper or thin card under the sleepers at a rail joint in order to avoid any step in the rail top running surface.

Q/ Which rail size is better, Code 125 or Code 131?
A/ Aside from any price considerations, the difference in height between the two sizes is not great - barely the thickness of a piece of paper - so the choice is yours. As a representation of full-size BS-95R bullhead rail, Code 125 is fractionally undersize. However, on the prototype, new rail soon starts to wear, reducing the overall height, so for representing older main line track, secondary routes and branch lines (which were often relaid with used, partly worn rail) Code 125 is actually the perfect choice.

If you are modelling brand new bullhead track, Code 131 rail would be as accurate as you could get, but unfortunately, as mentioned above, the so-called 131 rail is actually oversize, measuring Code 133.

Speaking personally, I doubt anyone can tell the difference at normal viewing distance. Whatever the scale and/or gauge of your choice, if you enjoy your modelling and are happy with the results of your efforts, isn't that all that really matters?


31st August 2021


It is with great sadness that I report the death of Len Newman, my old friend and sometime work colleague. Len was a man of many interests and talents, but is probably best known for the invention and development of his remarkable Gibson/K&L (latterly C&L) track system, which is how I met him. Len walked into the shop, introduced himself, and asked if I would like to stock his new product. So began a friendship and working relationship which, despite frequent disagreements, lasted for nearly 40 years.

After selling C&L, Len put in a lot of hours and road miles working in the rapidly growing field of Computer Aided Design (CAD). His railway designs continued to evolve and he was instrumental in helping the late Bernard Weller expand his Exactoscale range. With Bernard's passing, Len became a partner in developing and improving the product range to an even greater extent and I had the pleasure of working with him again.

In due course this business was also sold on, after which Len struggled for a while. Fortunately things improved once we got into the habit of having a weekly pub lunch and a good natter, often about absolutely nothing to do with railways, whilst consuming vast quantities of tea in the process. There was some more product development too, resulting in the beginnings of the PermaWay range. Our mutual friend David joined our little sessions and for quite some time, Len was as enthusiastic and full of ideas as ever. Sadly, Len's health and eyesight began to let him down, and with pandemic lockdown our meetings had to stop. The resulting somewhat solitary existence led to Len becoming rather withdrawn but nevertheless, it came as a shock when he passed away at home quite unexpectedly.

His lasting legacy is the quantum leap forward his designs and products brought to the world of finescale model railways. He is survived by his two sons, who will miss him as a father; for myself, and many others, he will always be remembered as a friend.



Chairs for Bullhead Rail in 7mm scale

Ever since the introduction of our high-Ni nickel silver Code 125 Bullhead rail it has been our intention to produce rail chairs to suit. We are delighted to announce that these are now available. Injection moulded in high-grade ABS, from all-new English-made tooling, they are accurately detailed and easy to use.

Initially, we have chosen to produce the three most common chair types used on the prototype: the standard S1 3-screw plain line chair, the 4-screw L1 bridge chair and the 4-screw P slide chair. For simplicity and economy, all three types are included on a single sprue.

Every pack contains 400 S1 and 50 L1 chairs, both with left and right hand keys, plus 50 of the P type. This means there are enough chairs in a single pack to enable the modeller to construct a complete turnout, with sufficient spares to allow for the cutting and shutting of chairs in order to represent the numerous other special chairs used on the real railway.

Part number 7PW3CH, in stock now at a special introductory price of just £25.00 per pack plus postage, from our sole agents Phoenix Precision Paints Ltd.

They are also available direct from PermaWay/Karlgarin Models.



3rd November 2018

Bullhead Rail in 4mm and 7mm scales

Much requested by customers, and introducing Karlgarin Models' new PermaWay range.
Both sizes are available now from our sole agents, Phoenix Precision Paints Ltd:
4mm scale Code   75 Bullhead rail in high-Ni nickel silver, packed in 10 x 1 metre lengths. PW75/4BH - £14.00
7mm scale Code 125 Bullhead rail in high-Ni nickel silver, packed in 10 x 1 metre lengths. PW125/7BH - £30.00

Mail orders from Phoenix are sent in a thick-wall protective tube.
Carriage is by next day courier @ £10.00 for any quantity
(most UK Mainland addresses only - see Phoenix website for full details).

Also available direct from Karlgarin Models (please note - 7mm only, in shorter lengths, at a lower price):
7mm scale Code 125 Bullhead rail in high-Ni nickel silver, in packs of 25ft containing 10 x 30" (762mm) lengths. C125/7BH - £23.00

Mail orders from Karlgarin are sent packed in a specially made thick-wall protective tube. Please note that when sending rail by post there is a separately applied postage and packing charge: a minimum of £8.00 in the UK, and subject to weight thereafter. This is normally sufficient to cover the cost of sending at least three packs of rail - if ordering a greater quantity, or from overseas, please ask for a postage quote.

All our rail is made from top quality high-Ni nickel silver. Although a little more expensive than traditional ordinary 'yellow' nickel silver, our high-Ni provides a far more realistic, steel-like appearance whilst retaining the rustproof and easy-to-solder properties of nickel silver.

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